Supported Living

The aim of our services is to help people to become as independent as possible by helping them make choices, learn new skills and make links with their local community.

We use support plans and risk assessments to work towards specific goals or outcomes to help the people we support keep their tenancies and live the life they want.

We support people according to their need and this can be as few hours as three per week to 24 hours per day.

We have services in North Somerset, Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

How we help people:

  • We make sure you are safe but, you control the risks you take so you can grow and learn.
  • We assess your needs then plan, with you, the support you want – you have control.
  • We will treat you with respect and stick to the agreements we make together.
  • We support people to take control of their lives gaining and maintaining independence

Community / Day Service

We support people to access the community. We use our day centre as a base / drop in for some individuals but we can also meet you at your home and support you from there.

We work with individuals to find out what they want to do and, where possible, join them up with others with similar interests.

Some people just come to do one activity others come for a whole week and have their own support plan.

Some of the activities we have helped people complete:

  • Make an animation
  • Learn about healthy eating and how to cook specific meals
  • Learn about employment, apply for jobs and start work
  • Plan a social trip and go on it
  • Use computers to find out information and produce a piece of written work
  • Exercise – from swimming to gardening