Residential Services

Our aim is to support people to be as independent as possible. For some people this means learning new skills and doing some tasks without support and creating links with people outside of Freeways, for others this may mean maintaining the skills they have for as long as possible.

People are supported to take risks to learn but this is assessed to maintain their safety and security.

We support individuals using person centred plans and approaches and health action plans to ensure people’s needs are met in the way they choose to ensure the best outcomes.

Each of our 9 homes has different aims depending on the people they support.

How we help people

1. We make sure you are safe but, you control the risks you take so you can grow and learn.

2. We assess your needs then plan, with you, the support you want – you have control.

3. We will treat you with respect and stick to the agreements we make together.

4. We support people to take control of their lives gaining and maintaining independence.