Jo Brine Manager at Miller Farm


Best bit about your job?

All of it really! But I would say the most important part, would be being person centred within residential care. Letting the residents do what they want to do and helping them achieve their personal goals, for instance working alongside their key packs and PCP’S. I really like working at Miller Farm as there is fantastic team work and the staff support is really good. I also enjoy the developmental process, learning new things every day, it’s all new experiences which I love; it’s exciting!

Worst bit?

It is hard with the ever increasing funding cuts within health and social care which are out of our control. I would also say when some processes take longer than usual, such as key worker packs and goal settings, but it’s about continuing to strive to achieve these goals with the residents.

Where will you be in five years?

I definitely still hope to be working for Freeways as I really enjoy it. I want to learn more about the service and Freeways itself. I would also like to start being more involved with the open days and being a part of developing Freeways for the future and help putting action plans into place and seeing them through. I would also welcome any other service and any other avenue to go down if the opportunity came about. 

Advice for anyone wanting to do your job?

 “Go for it!” If there are training events coming up which you feel would be helpful you should put yourself forward.  Be honest, open minded and enjoy it! Most of all, don’t worry Freeways is great place to learn new things, to grow and build your confidence.

I have been working for Freeways for three years now. Initially, I applied for a job as a support worker. Three months later I became a senior support worker. I then applied for a team leader post at Floating Support North Somerset. I then moved service and into residential care after a meeting with the Operations Director at that time and then I was promoted to acting assistant manager for the service and six months later I am the Assitant Manager.

Any Perks?

There are always constant opportunities for training. One of the best bits is that you can support residents on their holiday. I haven’t been on one yet – but it is in the pipeline. There is a lot of flexibility which is really good and shift patterns are very manageable. For example, I work 7:30am-3:30pm and 2:15 – 10:15pm. I work two days within the office a week and then three days with the residents; this is a really good mix and makes my job interesting. I also work two weekends a month and this isn’t a problem as I will have days off in the week and this also helps with consistency for the residents. The whole process is exciting as there are so many opportunities to grow and learn.

What did you want to be when you were young?

A policewoman! However, when I was at school I didn’t know which avenue I wanted to go down. I attended Weston College and completed my level 2 and 3 in health and social care which are diplomas. I then started carrying out some community based work, helping out with home care, volunteering, working in supported living and in residential care too and then I found Freeways which I am enjoying and hope to stay here for many years.