What We Do

With our residential service our aim is to support people to be as independent as possible. For some people this means learning new skills and doing some tasks without support and creating links with people outside of Freeways, for others this may mean maintaining the skills they have for as long as possible.

People are supported to take risks to learn but this is assessed to maintain their safety and security.

We support individuals using person centred plans and approaches and health action plans to ensure people’s needs are met in the way they choose to ensure the best outcomes.

Through our community and day services, our Aim is support people to be as independent as possible and we believe we have achieved our aim when people feel confident and able to tell us they no longer need our support.

Most of the people we have supported have reduced the amount of support they require as they have learnt new skills and made links with others in the community to get the information and help they need.

Some individuals have left the service because they no longer need our support. Six people in the last 2 years have left for this reason.

Not all the people we support will ever be able to live with no additional support but knowing that the individual is in control of their life and living the life they choose is a great reward for the staff and the person’s family.


Freeways have signed up to the code and as part of the process we have assessed our practice against these codes and produced an action plan that we all work towards to improve our services.  We have produced a detailed action plan with various outcomes for us to achieve relevant to the above codes.  We have started some of these actions as the year to execute this action plan will run from October 2014 to September 2015.  We have split the year into quarterly segments and we will update our website with our progress after each quarter.

We welcome any feedback/thoughts on our plan - Make contact however you choose; contact us through the website, call head office or email info@freeways.org.uk

Below are links to the Driving up Quality website and pdf files containing the outcomes we want to achieve through our action plan and an easy guide to our outcomes.

Driving Up Quality - Outcomes 2014-15

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Driving Up Quality - Easy Read Guide

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Business Plan and Annual Report

Freeways Business Plan for 2013-16

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Freeways Annual Report 2012/2013

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