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British Care Awards 2021

We would like to say a massive congratulation to Kerrie Dyer who was the winner of the Frontline Leader Award at the South West British Care Awards.

In the 15 months of Kerrie joining Freeways as an assistant manager she has been a driving force in revolutionising the paperwork systems within her service. She has created systems that are user friendly, have reduced duplication and created a process where people feel more comfortable opening up.. It hasn’t just been a benefit for the service but also for the whole organisation.

Kerrie is inquisitive and if she wants to find something out she will. She is always looking at ways to make the service better for the people she supports and the staff that support them. She is not intimidated by others and their roles which endears others to her and helps them to feel comfortable when around her.  She will actively seek out those that she believes can give her the best information for the ‘thing’ she needs to know and has created a vast support network that includes social workers and other health and social care professionals. This has developed not only her own reputation but that of the organisations as well.

The information that Kerrie learns is always shared with the team in supervisions, team meetings and her own 1:1 meetings. On offering support to a staff member around a tricky situation a staff member said ‘thanks Kerrie, I don’t need your support on this benefit claim as you have already given me the skills to do it on my own.

Kerrie is instrumental in ensuring that health and social care or organisational myths are put to rest. This includes in a peer meeting, that she regularly arranges, where others of her level of role believed that her staff were paid more than those in a different service. Kerrie knew this (it is information she needed to know previously) and shared this with her peers.

 Kerrie won against some tough competition including Andy Bunn who is the Manager of the Freeways Hydrotherapy pool.

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