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Support from one of our Centres

Freeways provide a range of activities in one of our building based services set in the beautiful surrounding of Leigh Woods.

We also use a variety of community locations to host events in both Bristol and North Somerset.

Working with people with learning disabilities we identify and plan the activities that support a range of outcomes and experiences.

We support people either in small groups or on a 1:1 basis and hold regular social events.

Our support can be to help people learn new skills that can increase their independence, assist people to plan trips to places of interest or an opportunity to explore the community.  We also provide opportunities to make new friends or maintain old friendships.

Support from one our Centres

Freeways offers a ‘drop-in centre’ based next door to our head office and hydrotherapy pool in Abbotts Leigh.  The Leigh Court Centre is surrounded by woods and farmland and offers a central point to a host of activities including cookery, pottery, horticulture, media studies, animation, arts and crafts, and enterprise schemes.

Due to the location the centre is particularly suited to people who need a safe or calm environment.

Support from one our Centres