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Young People Services

Support to an individual on their own in the community

Freeways’ young people services are aimed at supporting 18-25 year olds with learning disabilities and /or autism. The service supports young people to develop the skills and confidence to access the community and get involved in a range of activities. Freeways can provide support on an individual basis or small groups that allow friendships to develop.

Our dedicated team works with the young person and others who know them well to identify the goals they would like to achieve. Based on these goals we develop and agree a support plan which describes how the support will be delivered.

The Service can support young people to achieve a range of outcomes including:

  • Increased self confidence
  • Skills to maximise independence
  • Maintain friendships
  • Develop new friendships
  • Gain new experiences
  • Learn about staying safe in the community and online

We provide support in a number of different ways (see examples below):

Young People Services

Support to an individual on their own in the community

  • Access community groups, such as local youth clubs
  • Earn some money by getting jobs or gain some experience or give something back by doing some voluntary work
  • Be fit and healthy by attending the gym or joining a local club
  • Visiting places to have some fun; such as the cinema or a bowling alley
  • Improving independence by learning new skills for example travel training
Young People Services

Group sessions for specific activities that allow individuals to meet people with similar interests

  • Getting involved in sporting activities by being active and getting involved or by watching a favourite team.
  • Visiting night clubs and dancing the night away
  • Enjoy meals out with friends
  • Catch up on the latest action at the cinema or theatre
Young People Services

Groups that support individuals to become more independent

  • Learn to prepare food for individuals or friends
  • Develop skills to manage money, learn how to budget and pay bills.
  • Understand how to stay safe online and how to set up and use social media
  • Learn to stay safe when at home or out in the community and how to recognise and protect individuals from being a victim of ‘mate/hate’ crime

Freeways also run specific activities during college/schools holidays for young people with a learning disability. For more information please contact us.