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Vision & values

The Freeways vision is to be “A Provider of Choice”

We want to be the provider that people choose to be supported by, that professionals choose to work with and staff choose to work for because we ensure that the people we support are at the centre of what we do and are supported by the information they need to make their own choices and be in control of their lives.

Our Mission: Evolution, Quality, Wellbeing

We always want to evolve – to make small changes to improve the services we provide; this means listening to the views of others and never thinking that what we do cannot be improved. Just because our service is great for one person does not mean it is great for everyone.

We want to provide quality services. We know that what is important for one person is not important for everyone; quality can vary from person to person so we ask people what they think and we look for improvements. We have our own quality assurance systems and our senior managers do regular checks on the services and unannounced critical friend checks. The manager then sets action plans and priorities to ensure the services are excellent.

We value our service users’ and our staff’s wellbeing. We run events through the year to have fun, these include day trips and holidays as well as special events. We recognise how important friendships and relationships are to everyone and promote opportunities to meet up. Our staff are supported through an employee assistance programme, some additional events like access to our hydrotherapy pool and occasional yoga classes.

Freeways’ Values:

  • Putting People First – we support people with a learning disability and they are at the centre of all our work
  • Having Great Staff – we make sure we recruit the right people with the right values to support our service users and train them to reach their potential
  • Being Active in the community – using community facilities but also giving back to the community in which we live and work
  • Making Every Penny Count – we are a charity and as such we need to make sure we make the best decisions with the money we have to ensure it benefits our service users now and into the future
  • Planning for the future – ensuring our services are fit for the future