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National Thank You Day

Yesterday was the national Thank You Day and today has been designated as a Thank You Day specifically for health and social care workers and frontline staff.

This initiative was started by a group of 13 individuals from around the country who wanted to say thank you to everyone who continued to work through the pandemic and brought care and support to people who needed it; this includes all keyworkers.

All staff in Freeways continued to work even though they had been ill or lost people they supported and in some cases, individuals they knew and loved were seriously ill.

Everyone has experienced the pandemic differently, but for all it has changed their life. For people in health and social care, the testing regimen and wearing of PPE has been a significant shift in the way we work.

Through this difficult time there have been amazing stories of staff going above and beyond, not only supporting people in work but also outside of work to make sure people in their community were safe.

A day of Thanks cannot take away some of the pain but it can help knowing that others appreciate the work you have all done. I am aware that the people we support cannot always say thank you but I know that we have families who have given feedback stating how grateful they are for you keeping their family member safe, especially when they had to stay away.

You do a special job, and it is hugely appreciated by everyone who understands how much you all do for the people you support.


Thank you

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