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Press release

Freeways Press Release re Hillsborough House’s ‘Inadequate’ rating awarded CQC:

Regarding the recent ‘inadequate’ rating awarded by the CQC to Hillsborough House, a residential care facility operated and managed by Freeways….

‘We are deeply disappointed that Hillsborough House received an ‘inadequate’ rating following a CQC inspection in April 2023’, notes Claire Hayward, Freeways’ CEO.

‘This is a wake-up call to all of us in the Freeways organisation and is also both exceptional and unexpected given Freeways’ long-established reputation as a centre of excellence in providing support and residential services to adults with learning disabilities.’

‘While we take some encouragement that a more recent visit by a local authority commissioner recognised the significant remedial action that had already been undertaken and also noted further scheduled improvements, we haven’t reached the standards of excellence we set ourselves’.

‘Freeways will be working tirelessly to make long-lasting and sustainable improvements to Hillsborough House and to raise it to the excellent standard of all Freeways facilities.’

Freeways operates and manages 7 Residential Care Homes, 10 Supported Living homes and community support across B&NES, Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset. The ‘Inadequate’ rating given to Hillsborough House is the first time in our 35 years of providing support that any service has received an ‘Inadequate’ rating.

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