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Support Freeways to Sustain Our Hydrotherapy Pool!

Freeways Hydrotherapy pool provides a fantastic service to many people across the region and for many this is a vital need in order to maintain their health and wellbeing or to recover from ill health or injury.

Hydrotherapy pools are expensive to run with increased fuel costs and significant maintenance costs to ensure the environment and the specialist equipment which allows access for all is safe.

In order to keep our prices as low as possible, we have decided to run a gofundme page to raise money to support the running costs and to improve the equipment to allow as many people as need the pool to be able to afford it.

The link for the page is:


Our hydrotherapy pool provides access to hydrotherapy facilities and aquatic physiotherapy for a wide range of individuals of all ages and presenting with a variety of conditions. During the Covid-19 pandemic, many hydrotherapy pools had to close as a result of the high maintenance and running costs associated with these essential services but thanks to the support of our wonderful clients we have managed to continue to remain open.


Unfortunately, as a result of a culmination of factors outside of our direct control, we have experienced major technical issues with our pool system meaning that we have recently had to close our pool for three weeks. A comprehensive team of managers, engineers, electricians and maintenance staff have worked effortlessly for the past three weeks in order to determine the underlying fault and we have been advised that we are required to purchase and install brand new pumps, pipe work and work on the pool gullies to get us back up and running.


As a charitable organisation, we rely on support from the public in order to keep our service running from a financial perspective and have worked very hard as an organisation to subside our sessions so that our clients can continue to access the vital services and input that they require in order to optimise their health, wellbeing and quality of life. As a result of these efforts, we do not currently have access to the sum of funds which we need in order to undertake this essential work on our pool system. We have kindly been loaned the required funds to undertake the essential work that was needed in order to re-open our pool however we are now asking for your kind support to raise funds so that we can continue to provide our specialist service to the local community!

Raising the following targets would allow us to:

  • £8,000 - purchase and install brand new pumps.
  • £12,000 - purchase and install brand new pumps & replace pipe work.
  • £32,000 - purchase and install brand new pumps, replace pipe work & undertake work on the pool gullies.
  • £37,000 - purchase and install brand new pumps, replace pipe work, undertake work on the pool gullies & repair tiling.
  • £45,000 - purchase and install brand new pumps, replace pipe work, undertake work on the pool gullies, repair tiling & purchase new manual handling equipment for use on pool side & to support with individual's changing needs.
  • £50,000 - to undertake all the above listed work and provide a sum of money to be available for any future pool repairs that are required.


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