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Wonderful Feedback for Jesmond Road

Hello Simon, Zoe and all the staff.

Just wanted to say what a great job you are doing during the Corona Virus pandemic.  As you know I saw (my family member) last week and just wanted to say:-

             THANK YOU    for explaining to (my family member) what the virus is, what she has to do during this time and making sure she understands

             THANK YOU    for keeping her safe in her flat when necessary

             THANK YOU    for making sure she has food to eat

             THANK YOU   for making sure she has things to do or watch

             THANK YOU   for leaving your family and friends to look after her

             THANK YOU   for all the little things you have made time for so that she is happy.

I speak on the phone to her twice a week and know the way she talks about things that she is happy and content.

I really appreciate all your help and kindness you show to her and of course to me, when I need it.  What a great team you are. (We) are so lucky that you are there for her and really saying THANK YOU does not seem enough for what you do.

Love to you all

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