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Employment Services

Freeways is a member of the British Association of Supported Employment, we work alongside partner organisations to ensure we are able to deliver high quality supported employment service.

Having a job is an important part of many peoples’ lives; it gives you the opportunity to learn new skills, increase your confidence and supports people to become more independent.

Freeways believe that all people with a learning disability should have the opportunity and support they need to gain paid employment in the open market place.

Our Employment Service follows the values and principals of Supported Employment to give people the best chance of finding their ideal job.

Employment Services

Supported Employment uses personalised approaches to support people with disabilities to achieve sustainable long term employment. We do this by:

  • Getting to know the individual and developing a vocational profile which identifies their skills, experience and work preferences.
  • Searching for the right job for the individual based on what they have told us.
  • Working with employers to see an individual’s ability and not their disability; giving employers the support and skills they require.
  • Providing ongoing support and advice to the individual and their employer whilst they are in work.
Employment Services

We also recognise that voluntary work can be an important part of people’s lives. Freeways work with various other charities to provide meaningful volunteer work for people with learning disabilities.

Employment Services